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In the fast-paced world of mobile technology, exchanging data has become a crucial component of connectivity. If you are an MTN subscriber looking to learn how to share or transfer data on MTN, you have come to the correct spot. This essay delves into the complexities of the MTN Data Share service, outlining four simple approaches and crucial advice for seamless data sharing.

Understanding MTN’s Data Share

What is the MTN Data Share? MTN Data Share, also known as the MTN data gifting service, allows customers to share or transfer a portion of their current data bundle with friends, family, and loved ones. Unlike some other services, MTN exclusively enables data transfers between MTN lines, providing a unique method to stay connected.

Inclusion at Its Best One standout characteristic of MTN Data Share is its ease of access. Whether you are an existing or new MTN client, and regardless of your SIM type (2G, 3G, or 4G), you may take advantage of the generous data sharing offer. Furthermore, the pricing plan is unaffected, allowing data sharing from any plan on the MTN network.

Methods for Data Transfer

Four Ways to Transfer Data on MTN

MTN Data Transfer Code (USSD):

  • Dial *312# from your phone.
  • Choose “Gift Data” and then “Transfer From Data Balance.”
  • Enter the recipient’s MTN number and choose a data quantity.
  • Confirm the transfer by selecting option “1.”

Short Code for Sharing Data on MTN

  • Call *312*Recipient’s Number*Data Amount#.
  • Confirm the transaction. For example: *312*08030000000*200#.

MTN Data Transfer via SMS

  • Send a new message to 312 with the subject “Transfer “.
  • How to Share Data on MTN using the MyMTN App
  • Launch the myMTN app on your smartphone.
  • Click “Share,” then “Data.”
  • Select or enter the data amount, then confirm the transfer.

Additional Techniques

How to Share MTN Data Through Data Request

Use the data request option for a quick transfer:

  • Dial *312#, then choose “Gift Data” > “Request from a Friend.”
  • Enter the MTN number you want to obtain data from.
  • Purchase MTN Data for a Friend If you lack an active data bundle but have enough airtime:
  • Dial *312#, then choose “Gift Data” > “Buy for a Friend.”
  • Choose a data plan, input the recipient’s phone number, and complete the transaction.
  • Checking Your Data Balance.

After sharing data, it is critical to validate the transaction.

Call *312# to check your MTN data sharing balance.

Alternatively, you may text 2 to 312 or use the myMTN app.

Important Points to Note

  • Transferring and exchanging data on MTN is free.
  • You can only transfer data from MTN to MTN.
  • Regular data plans can only be shared; no incentives or special bundles are allowed.
  • The daily limit for MTN data giving is 1GB.
  • The minimum data amount per transmission is 50MB, while the maximum is 500MB.
  • Data can be transferred twice a day and requested up to five times.


In the spirit of “Sharing is Caring,” MTN Data Share enables a smooth connection between MTN subscribers. Whether you want to provide a hand with your data or receive some digital charity, this post has taken you through the four different methods to share data on MTN. If you still have any queries, please leave them in the comments section below.

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Can I move MTN data to a another number?

Yes, but only for another MTN line.

What is the code for sharing data on MTN?

Dial *312*7# and then follow the steps.

What is the MTN data-sharing pin?

No pin is required for data transmission.

How long does shared data on MTN last?

It is valid for the length of the sender’s data plan.

How do I transfer MB from MTN to MTN?

Dial *312*7# or text “TransferRecipient’s Phone NumberData Amount” to 312 using SMS.

Unlock the potential of MTN Data Share and stay connected effortlessly!

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